Thermal UAV Applications

Police, Fire, Search and Rescue, Roof Inspections, Building Inspections, Solar Panel Inspections, Powerline and Substation Inspections, Crops, Pipeline, just to name a few.

Police Drone Solution – Law Enforcement teams have been using thermal imaging from manned aircraft for years. Similar imaging can be captured with a drone in a more cost effective and timely manner.

Fire Drone Solution – Fire Departments can benefit from the rapidly deployment of a drone for surveillance. Within minutes of arrival, a drone can bring real-time aerial video to fire fighting crews.
Thermal cameras provide vision through smoke and can quickly identify hot spots unseen by regular cameras.

Search and Rescue Solution – Drone can be deployed in areas and conditions where it is difficult to fly manned aircraft. Thermal imagining can quickly identify lost or injured person(s).

What You See in Daylight

Done at dusk 115 feet in the air. What do you see?

What We See in Daylight

What you missed was the animal running toward the house, Man working on truck, Cattle in field.

What You See at Night

At night 115ft in air. From take off. Can’t make out much.

What We See at Night

We can make out a lot using Thermal Imagery, Day or Night

Thermal Water Rescue Scenario

Watch the victims skin temp change as he exits the water.  Black Hot color palette.
From Jon McBride, Lead Developer at RMUS.

Infrared Thermography is one of the most effective,
proven predictive maintenance (PM) technology available.

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