The date, March 1st 2016, it was a usual Tuesday morning while out noticed The SALT. Couldn’t help but wonder what was going on, so I drove through this business to see. Nothing but rock salt as far as you could see. But the question that bothers me is WHY? The forecast was “Chance of rain 100%. Rainfall possibly over one inch.” “Rain may mix with and change to snow overnight.”


But why salt so early? 1″ of rain will wash all that salt into their pond and City storm sewers leaving nothing at all when the weather changes over.


The salt will dissolve, going into the cracks of the pavement and create more cracks and lifting of the lot. Creating higher maintenance cost for the owner.


Make sure what your contract says. Make sure they are working with and ahead of the event not just working for show. If they do something you don’t understand ask for an explanation. It is your money use it wisely.